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Nuova Locanda Belvedere is a Hotel in Venice-Marghera (a short train or bus ride to reach the historic center) that has the benefit of being affordable while also being perfectly placed to see the enchanting streets and canals of Venice. Located on the mainland, this one star Venice Hotel is a short walk from the Mestre train station and less then a ten minute trip to the island.


From the Mestre train station: walk down the stairs from the platform, and follow the arrows to the Marghera exit. You will be on a deadend street called via g. Ulloa,walk straight till the end of the street, in front of you will see a big round with a fountain in the middle,take third street left called via Leone Graziani,  (first street G.Rizzardi second G.Durando third L.Graziani)    keep straight till the end of the street,at the first intersection, Via Mezzacapo and the Hotel Belvedere it's on the left ,  (We assure you this is a 5 minute walk!


From Piazzale Roma bus terminal: Take Bus number 6 or Bus number 6/ Panorama and get off at the first stop in Marghera-street Durando,  cross the street, and on your right there are two streets. One is called via l. Fincati, the other is unmarked. Follow the unmarked street which runs parallel to a gas station. At the first intersection, look right. Via Carlo Mezzacapo 1 and the Hotel Belvedere are on the right, look for the Trattoria sign....,


From Venice Marco Polo Airport: you can take bus number 15 and get off at the first stop in Marghera (Venice), street Durando, and follow the previous directions starting from the via l. Fincati/unmarked street (see above). Otherwise you can take the shuttle bus to Venice Mestre train station and follow the above direction from the station.


From Treviso Canova Airport: take the shuttle bus to Venice Mestre train station, and follow the above directions from the station.

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